"Jeremy Martin creates 'Epic Melotronic' music - where emotional melodies meld with intricate percussion to create electronic compositions that are fluently harmonious and sophisticated!"

About Jeremy

Jeremy Martin

Composer / Musician / Producer

Raised in a family of musicians and lyrical poets near Toronto, Ontario Canada; the inspirational music that Jeremy Martin creates, evolved from tremendous experience and hefty doses of challenge. As an EDM Producer, Jeremy has experimented with demos since 2016.  However it wasn’t until early 2021 that he began releasing electronic music formally.

The best way to describe Jeremy’s music is “Epic Melotronic”, where emotional melodies meld with intricate percussion to create electronic music that is fluently harmonious and sophisticated. As a life-long performer with extensive roots in classical, folk, gospel, jazz, pop, and rock… Jeremy draws from an array of musical knowledge and influence to fuse traditional instrumentation seamlessly with atmospheric synths and beats. The compositions possess elements of genres such as... Chill, House, Jazz, Orchestral, and French Touch music. The result is a nostalgic-feeling musical experience that can be appreciated as animated foreground or as subtle background soundscape.

"In regards to artistic expression, I have always been drawn to moody music that makes me stop and feel something"  This melancholy emotion is noticeable in Jeremy's multiple 2021 releases, including his first EP 'An Awakening' (*as artist JsÀj). The music is not sad though, it's more thought provoking and deliberately unpredictable. "With all that is going on in the world, it's clear to me that we will never outgrow our need for love and hope. We have all been struggling. I just want my music to be a source of positivity."

While reflecting on these thoughts during the past year or so, Jeremy began to conceptualize music that would be uplifting. Songs that could draw people together by stimulating a universal sense of connection and unity. The result is several new singles and a full-length album 'In Troubling Times', set for release in '22. This new music has a more retro 'House' vibe and demonstrates an obvious advancement in Jeremy's skills as a producer.

In addition to his dance music, Jeremy produces Cinematic Music under the name 'Melotronic Sounds'. When Jeremy is not producing, he regularly performs all over Canada with the alt-rock band 'Martin Brothers Collective'.