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Canadian Cyclocross Nationals Preview

With our National Championships just around the corner, plenty of cycling media are previewing the event and talking about the favourites to win THE jersey this next Saturday in Sherbrooke, QC. I had a good chat with Canadian Cycling Magazine about that, you can check it out here if you haven't seen it yet!

So here is another race preview, but this time, from my perspective, as a racer. Let me present you the front row start line!

Raphaël Gagné a.k.a The Invisible Man: Raph has been pretty quiet on the racing scene this fall. After taking a bit of a break after the Olympics, nobody really knows where he's at. He's the defending champion and racing in his home province, so all eyes will be on him, nevertheless.

Geoff Kabush a.k.a The Dynamite: Geoff is always very quiet in the first half of the race before storming to the finish line in the second half. His nickname Kaboom was earned after winning several races that way.

Jeremy Martin a.k.a The Hemi Truck: I like racing in rough conditions and races that are won on raw power. The heavier the course, the better!

Micheal van den Ham a.k.a The compact motorbike: Quick acceleration and agile on high speed courses, I've always seen MvdH as a little sport bike.

Aaron Schooler a.k.a The German: After spending two years in Germany, he now eats like a German and races like a German.

Mark McConnell [self-proclaimed] Hot Sauce: You never know what to expect from Mark, will he be spicy on Saturday?

Evan McNeely a.k.a The Sneaky Snake: The master of sneakiness. His sock business is called SneakySocks, he likes to sneak around and he does it well.

Marc-André D'aigle a.k.a The bulldog: Marco just races aggressively and is always up for a good battle.

Craig Richey a.k.a The working man: Craig likes to wear two hats, one of a business man and one of a professional athlete. When he wears the cyclist hat, he's pretty fast on two wheels.

Léandre Bouchard a.k.a The Eiffel Tower: He'll be (by far) the tallest racer out there and he just signed a pro contract with the biggest MTB french team, so the French emblem seemed appropriate.

Mathieu Bélanger-Barrette a.k.a R2D2: My good friend Mathos has been stepping it up this year on the cross bike. And he likes robots a lot. Maybe too much.

Andrew L'Esperance a.k.a Massive calves: What can I say... The guy has CALVES. Massive ones. Always a good attribute on the steep run-ups.

So there you go folks! Hope to see you out there this weekend. Stop by the Focus CX Team Canada booth to say HI!


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