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National Cyclocross Championships

I just don't have the words... Last weekend, we won the Elite title at the 2016 Canadian Cyclocross Championships. This is surreal. I say WE because there are a lot of people who helped me get here over the last few years. People say that cycling is an individual sport, but I'd say that cycling is the most ingrate of team sports. You guys all saw me raise my arms to the sky, but for me, it was a way to thank them and celebrate OUR success. So many of you involved in some way, and I'm sure I will forget some. My girlfriend Maëlle, my coach David, friends, family (mom & dad!), coaches, team mates, mechanics, sponsors & all, you guys are all part of it!

Since I just don't know how to describe this beautiful day, I thought I would try to get you through my weekend by using Jeremy Allen's awesome pictures. It should be more fun to ''read'' as well!

Pre-riding with my team and more importantly Aaron made a big difference. Seaking out the fastest lines and practicing our bunny hoping skills on Friday!

We are blessed to have such great staff. Apart from being one of the coolest dudes around (and look at that mustache), Ciaran is an awesome mechanic and he (along with Alex!) kept our 10 bikes running smoothly through the mud.

The last training on the course usually happens 3 hours before the race. Last chance to figure out tire pressure and tread selection. For the curious, I raced on carbon DT Swiss 38mm tubular wheels, with Clement 33mm PDX & 21-23psi.

One of my best friend is now a professional cineast, or close to. Really cool to have him around and look out for our team video from last weekend! It is going to be gooood!

Good pre-race motivation, our yougster Sidney McGill a.k.a Shelby the Cobra had a stellar ride in the U23 race and rode to gold!

This image says a lot about our team. After only 3 months together, we've created a strong team spirit. Alex pictured here is a big part of it. I've rarely seen a guy this passionate about cycling. Waking up before sunrise and always there for us on the start line, making sure we're ready to be at our best.

Warming up before the big show in the warmth of our heated Focus tents.

Lots of running sections last weekend. This is one of the things that make cyclocross unique!Grabbing a clean ride & staying away from mechanical problems. Alex and Ciaran are the guys who make it all happen in the pits. LegendsGame face on!

After the first part of the season, I told myself that I would work on my bunny hop skills. I don't know if it was faster, but it was a lot of fun and the crowd loved it!Done! Not sure what to do, should I raise my arms, should I smile...?

By far my favourite picture from the weekend. She's my biggest supporter and my biggest inspiration

                     One of my long time supporter. Circa 1992

This guy believed in me and now, look what happened! Aaron also scored 2nd place at his last Pro race, before retiring. Special moment right there.

        Belgian beer at the Canadian National Championships

2 Focus Mares CX bikes, 16 wheels, 1 Feedback trainer, 2 floor pump & luggage fitted in a small compact Nissan Versa. Tetris skills right there

Time to celebrate! Team dinner and post race festivities at Siboire micro brasserie was a really good time! Thanks P-O Boily for having us!

Thank you everyone, I hope you guys enjoyed the weekend as much as I did :)


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