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Wraping-up 2016 summer

The days are getting shorter and the nights cooler, it is now time to wrap-up the mountain bike season. Don't get me wrong, there is still plenty of good riding to come, but for me, this time of year also calls for cyclocross racing. Unlike what some people may think, I have not stopped racing mountain bikes, I am still very passionate about it and have not slowed down. In fact, this has been my best season on the MTB yet, with some breakthrough results, which will hopefully be a good springboard for next year!

So before getting officially started with cyclocross, I thought it would be fun to quickly recap this summer, which saw me climbing my way up the professional peloton and the UCI ranking.

Consistency - Over the past 6 months, I've been really consistent, scoring top 10s at all of the races I've entered. Years of training always help to conquer this athletic aspect, but a good and trusty relationship with my coach is what I am thankful for! With daily communication and training camps together, we were able to nail solid training weeks and good recovery, keeping injuries and undesired fatigue away!

Trying out new things - The goal of the season was pretty simple this year. Get good results, put my name as high up as possible on the result sheets and climb the UCI ranking. After coming back from Belgium last February, we decided to change things up and try out new training methods, keep it fun and see how hard I could actually train. Well the results were pretty impressive and I've nailed some pretty intense weeks (See my previous posts) and included more MTBing in my weekly schedule! The outcome was an improvement in every aspect of my training, which is good news. 10/10 coach!

Altitude races - I use to be really scared of racing over 1500m after bad experiences in my U23 years. They say that you need to fight your fears in order to keep moving forward right? Well, after successfully racing 3 short tracks, 2 marathon races (Whiskey 50 & Carson City Off-Road) and one UCI C1 XCO race, I now feel comfortable and confident at altitude. This is something I am really stoked about!

I'll keep it short here and just tell you that I am already thinking of the 2017 summer and beyond. I plan to work hard and keep improving towards the next big tournament in 4 years from now.  Good thing I like sushi.

Since people generally like numbers, I'll finish with a quick recap of this season's results!

- 4th Whiskey 50 Off-Road 50-miler

- 2nd Mt. Tremblant UCI C1 Canada Cup

- 3rd Carson City Fat Tire Crit

- 5th Carson City Off-Road 50-miler

- 2nd Angel Fire UCI C1 Pro XCT

- 4th Angel Fire Pro ShortTrack

- 4th St-Felicien UCI C2 Canada Cup

- 6th Canadian XCO Championship

- 6th Boston Rebellion UCI HC US Cup

- 3rd Canadian XCM Championship

- 40th Mont-Saint-Anne XCO World Cup

- 11th Windham UCI HC US Cup

- Quebec XCO Provincial Champion

Thanks for reading, see you on the trails!

Photo credits: PB Creative, PB Creative, Canadian Cyclist, Canadian Cylist.

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