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There could be so many fitting titles to this blog entry... «Training Camp #1»... «West Coast, Best Coast»... «Relearning how to mountain bike» or «#GuthrieTrainingCamp»... I think it shoes how much fun I had discovering the Okanagan Valley over the course of my last training camp. After looking at different options to start building up for the upcoming season, I decided it would be fun to check out my good friend Evan Guthrie's natural environment. He's been bragging about the Okanagan Valley for such a long time, I had to go and see it for myself... Well, I wasn't disappointed!

So I left my cold and snowy hometown on March 14th, looking for sun, dry pavement, reliable weather and trails. Getting back on my MTB after 6 months spent on my cross bike was a bit of a shock, but riding with my long time buddy Evan Guthrie made it easy. Here are a few fun facts and numbers from training camp #1 in Peachland, BC.

- Training Camp length: 17 days

- Total training time: 74 hrs (64 of them spent on the bikes)

- Total Climbing: 80 000+ ft (or 25 000meters)

- Average weather: 11C, dry, sunny, no clouds!

- Longest ride: 200.00kms

- Hardest workout: 3 x Crystal Lake Climb (15kms @ 6%) racing Evan

- Favourite trails: Burm trail on Knox Mtn & Smith Creek

- Favourite roads: Skaha Lake Rd, East Kelowna, Naramata Valley Vineyards Rd.

- Favourite ride food: Banana bread & PB sandwich

- Favourite off the bike activity: Private wine tour at Quidni Estate Winery in Penticton. Big thanks to Todd Moore for setting us up! A real legend

- Total time of good times: Infinite. Thanks to the Guthrie family for making me feel like one of them :)

A popular saying is that «fun is fast». Well I must be getting really fast because I had loads of fun during my stay in the Okanagan. It was really cool to train and push my limits on a daily basis with Mr. Guthrie. I know Evan wants to keep it a secret, but I think you should add the valley to your checklist... Shhhh, keep it for yourself though, don't tell anyone else...

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