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Cycling is an Expression

Call me cheesy, but one of the things I like the most about cycling is the emotions one can share with his entourage when achieving a big goal. Like any other sport, it takes countless hours to make it to the big leagues and passion is what gets us out of bed every morning.

As you probably know, last weekend, I checked off one of my long time objectives by winning the Canadian National Championship. Yes, it feels awesome to wear the Maple Leaf for the year to come, but sharing this special moment with my family and friends was the icing on the cake. These are some of my favourite pictures taken by Jeremy Allen last week at National Championship in Sherbrooke, QC.

Probably not thinking much at that moment, just on auto-pilot mode

Best part of the day is sharing this victory with Maëlle

Lots of people to thank, including mom & dad

Celebration with my friend and coach David

Aaron's satisfaction of creating the new powerhouse of cyclocross in Canada

Geoff is the definition of sportsmanship.

Another cyclocross gentleman; Hot Sauce himself ladies & gents

I just think this one looks really cool ;)

Everybody has different stories about the same race, that's the cool thing about racing

After a tough early season recovering from severe heat stroke, my friend Maghalie showed us how tough she was and won the Elite Women title!

                         That's a wrap! Thanks for reading :)

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