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Cyclocross : A Team sport

Done! My first Belgian Kerstperiod campaign finished yesterday at the Leuven C1 Soudal Classic! 6 international UCI races in only 9 days, my second stage race after Tour de Beauce last summer. Racing a World class field on a daily basis was certainly a very humbling experience, but I feel like I have learned a lot and am a way better racer now. It's been very busy, it's been hard, but even more fun than expected! I am now on my way to Spain to get a few good weeks of rest & training before the final World Cup in the Netherlands and World Championships in Belgium at the end of January.

As I am sitting 'comfortably' on flight FR2917 towards Barcelona, I was looking back on the last 9 days and thinking how lucky Cyclocross Canada is to have world class mechanics. During this Kertperiod, we had the privilege to work with Regan Pringle (Trek Procity Cycles) and Scott Kelly (Dundas Speed Shop & 3 Rox-Racing), both taking very good care of our dear bikes and making sure everything ran smoothly. The one thing I can tell you is that these are two or the hardest working men I have ever met. I know how much people like numbers (so do I); I thought I'd try to estimate & quantify their work over the last 10 days. Here is M. Pringle & M. Kelly "power profile"

            Over the last 9 days, Scotty and Regan... : 

- Took care of 16 bikes & ~ 20 wheelsets (~ 40 hours a week)

- Washed the equivalent of 300 bikes (About 50 hrs washing bikes)

- Spent ~30 hours in the pits at the races (Juniors, U23, Elite W/M)

-  Spent ~ 6 hours walking/carrying bikes & wheels to/from the tech zone

- Drove to/from the races for ~25 hours each (2 vans to Namur, Zolder, Diegem, Loenhout, Bredene, Baal, Leuven))

- Packed/Unpacked the vans 12 times (~ 12 hours)

All of this ads up to about 175 hours of work in just 9 days. This workload is equivalent to a 70-hour work week each. And you know what? These guys were donating their time, because they're doing it for the love of sport, for the kids and to help grow a Cyclocross program in Canada. These guys are the real heroes.

Cycling is a team sport.

Can't thank you guys enough.

Give yourself a good pat on the back!

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