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Constantly learning to ride bikes.

Over the last 5 years, I've ridden past this field a thousand times. Every single time, there was a white, beautiful horse staring off into space. This year, after a harsh winter, Napoleon isn't there anymore, at his usual spot, wishing me a good ride. #Farewell my friend. ✌️🐎

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The @epicrides #whiskeyoffroad was a solid way to start off the 2016 summer campaign! Didn't know what to expect from myself but had a great weekend topped off by a 4th place in the pro event! BIG THANK YOU to @gagnoncx for continuously helping me earning my strips and supporting me this weekend! #dgendurance πŸ“· Bill Freeman

The sign of another solid workout from #dgendurance Spent the afternoon suffering on my local roads, feels good to finally ride outside in La Belle Province

As I woke up to another snowy day in Quebec City, I remembered that today is #BonelliPark @ridebikeralli US Cup! It was a good one for me last year as I battled with the big guys & broke in the top15 of this UCI HC race! Wishing I could give it another go this year, but I'll be cheering hard for everyone racing in #SoCal this afternoon! #underdog πŸ“· @shimanomtb

Cruising & enjoying the scenery. Tomorrow's ride is a big one to finish training camp numero uno on a BANG! πŸ’₯