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Constantly learning to ride bikes.

Everyone's playing #PokemonGo these days, but I'm more old school. Found the 'original version' while cleaning up the basement today😎

Want to team up for 2016?Β 

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2016 National Championships are in the books! Fought hard all race with @geoffkabush & @raphaelgagne for a spot on the podium, but I missed that ⚑️ on the last half lap. Home crowd was amazing & happy with how I rode in front of friends and family. Excited for the next couple of races ahead! Let's keep fighting over the next month! πŸ‘ŠβœŠ

Enjoying to be able to cook at home the night before #nationalchamps and hoping to improve on that number tomorrow!

Race report from Carson City & Angel Fire Pro XCT is up at:

Worked on my sprinting abilities on today's ride. Therefor, I had to find a proper 'finish line' #stateline

Hanging out in Nevada's Governer's Mansion with the godfather of mountain biking, M. Gary Fisher